Neon and Animal Prints

H&M jeans and top
Topshop flats
Jimmy Choo sunglasses
Stella & Dot necklace
Louis Vuitton bag
Summer has been kind of a drag here in London. Most of the sunshine is in the form of my neon polishes these days. Whenever there is sunshine, I'm almost skipping with joy as I soak up the vitamin D. This weekend was a mix between sun, clouds and light rain. Imagine switching from sunglasses to an umbrella and back 4 times in a 60 minute period. Ridiculous!

Anyway, as compelled as I am to wear black on these grey days, there are way too many fun summer pieces to be wearing fall fashions. I found these neon jeans at H&M last week, and I couldn't wait to break them out. Naturally I wore a leopard print top (love leopard) and carried my leather jacket for the ever changing weather. I spent most of the day walking around Mayfair and west London, so I wore ballet flats for comfort. (Relative support still meant sore feet at the end of the day. Bummer.)

Saturday started with Brunch in Mayfair. We went to Tiger Green where we had a LivingSocial voucher. Our deal included two complimentary glasses of champagne. They didn't mention it was going to be cheap as hell. Yuck! I added orange juice to make it a mimosa, but my hunny got a huge kick out of my big stink on cheap champagne. I just can't drink it. It's like drinking tree bark. This is how I felt about it:

Ranting about cheap champagne

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