New Gigs

I am no longer a Real Housewife of London! I am officially selling Stella & Dot jewelry in the UK, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I own a couple of pieces which I've worn and showcased here quite a few times in the past, so this is the perfect fit for me. I fell in love with the line when I attended a trunk show last year, so I'm more than happy that it's finally available in the UK!

You can expect to see a lot more Stella & Dot pieces in my future posts. They make such wonderful statement pieces! I don't wear a lot of understated jewelry, but perhaps I'll force myself to now that I'll be modeling my own product.

Now when people ask me what I do all day, I hand them my card and tell them to buy some jewelry or mind their business. (Only kidding...maybe)

Here's a link to my website. Please let me know your thoughts on the line!

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