Sunshine and Lariats

People here looooove to ask me what I do all day.

 It's such a point of confusion for them. If you don't have a conventional 9 to 5 then what could you possibly do all day long? I always laugh it off, but I never give an answer because I don't owe you an explanation. Quite frankly, it's nobody's damn business how I spend my days. Now I know there are some people saying I'm being defensive, but let's be honest. If your boss walked to your desk and asked you what you do all day, you would be falling all over yourself trying to defend the work you do and justify your job. It's natural to be defensive when someone is basically asking you for your purpose in life. I think a much better question would be "how are you finding being home?" or "what's going on in your life?" If that's what you really want to know then let's talk about it. Don't ask me what I do all day. It's insulting. It's funny to me because no one asked me what I did all day when I was working, and if they had the answers would have been much more entertaining. I can't even tell you how many work days I started with the best of intentions, but ended surfing Facebook, gchatting my boyfriend, and scoring online purchases on Gilt. The funny thing is that I spend less time on gchat now then I did when I was bs'ing working.  

I just really needed to get that off my chest. Moving on...yesterday I had a really lovely day. I worked out, ran some errands, spent some time shopping in Liberty and people watched outside at Starbucks. It was pretty nice out so I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. I can also now count my people watching and latte drinking time as prospecting time since I now use that opportunity to approach people about my jewelry business. 

I wanted to show some skin (yay vitamin D!) so I opted for a stretch pencil skirt and doberman top. I belted my top to make it a kimono top! I felt so cool lol. Naturally I wore my Stella & Dot jewelry. I wore a lariat necklace which is new for me. I loved everything together though. It just flowed so nicely.. At least I thought so! I tried some new cosmetics yesterday as well, so stay tuned for a beauty post on my face full of Nars product.

Whistles top
American Apparel skirt
H&M belt
Topshop ballet flats

Zoe Lariat necklace
Arm Party

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  1. Poor quality champagne should be a misdemeanor.