Going Nude: Nails Edition

Nude nails

In Monday's post, I skimmed over beauty's new trend of the "muted" made up look. I've been messing around with some nude lip colors, and I'm kind of digging it. As a result, I decided to dive all into nudes in this week's mani. I'm wearing 'Yummy Mummy' by Butter London. It's the perfect nude for my skin tone since it's more brownish than pinkish. I absolutely ADORE this color because it reminds me so much of 'All Hail the Queen' which is similar except that it has load of sparkles. I typically go for a little more color on my nails, but this is a refreshing change. It also kind of reminds me of spring which is all I'm looking forward to given this gloomy, snowy, cloudy weather we've been having here in London.

Look out for a post this week on my favorite nude lips!

Stay fab! xx

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