Two Tones and the Christian Louboutin Exhibit

The two toned Whistles blazer I've been lusting for is finally MINE! It was marked down in the sale, and they had one left in my size. I think it was fate. I know it was fate. Anyway, I finally pulled it out this weekend. I loves myself a structured blazer, but this one just made my heart sing. I love the color and the two toned lapels. I picked up this orange bag at T.K. Maxx, and everything just came together so wonderfully. Nothing like a little color block to brighten your day! I went to see the Christian Louboutin exhibit on Saturday afternoon since my hunny was working most of the day.

Whistles Blazer
Joe's Jeans
H&M tee
Stella & Dot Bahari Necklace
Salvatore Ferragamo flats
 If you're in London and didn't get a chance to see the exhibit, you missed out. It was amazing. You got to see so many of Louboutin's fabulous designs, but you also got insight into his inspirations and his process. They also had a 3D hologram of Dita Von Teese doing a burlesque in sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps. My favorite section was the Fetish area where shoes were designed more as sculptures than as a wearable shoe. Two dancers from the Crazy Horse were chosen to model them in a shoot for the particular arch in their foot. The photos were provocative in nature, but really fabulous works of art. Unfortunately, I could only take pictures outside of the exhibit. The museum had a strict no photos policy which they enforced almost ridiculously. My phone was still in camera mode from taking photos outside when I walked in and one of the employees rolled up on me like a shoplifter to ask me to put my phone in my pocket. I made several unsuccessful attempts at taking pictures before eventually giving up. This is all I could get for you guys...

Don't mind if I do!

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