Apparently I Wear High Tops

Ever since I got my first Barbie, I've been in love with fashion. I'm sooo happy to finally be breaking into it. I started assisting a stylist here that I met through a mutual friend. We hung out  a few times before I told her about my career ambitions, and the rest is history! I'm so excited to be assisting her and learning all about the styling business. I've been working a lot which is why I haven't been updating the Stiletto Jetset as much as I'd like.

A lot of my new position has me walking all around the city of London with a heavy case picking up and returning pieces for shoots. Unfortunately, my ballet flats and cute sandals were not cutting it. I had to finally give in and get some shoes with the support I need to last me all day. Sneakers. Yes, sneakers. I haven't worn sneakers anywhere but the gym since I was in elementary school, so deciding what to get was quite the challenge. I've always been scared to rock J's or dunks or something comparable because I'm so tall. I don't want to look like a WNBA player. I want to look chic, but be able to walk by 6pm. I settled on Chucks. I kind of love them, but I'm still getting used to the idea. Here's a peek of my first look in my new kicks!

Express Top
American Apparel leggings
Stella & Dot Jewelry
Converse kicks
Exhibit A blush and Dragon Girl velvet matte lippy both by Nars

I wore this outfit for a menswear magazine shoot last week. I had to keep it super casual and comfy, and naturally I rocked a red lip. Gotta keep it funky!

Here are some shots from the menswear shoot I worked on last week:

So many wonderful things going on in my life! Stay tuned for more updates on my work!


  1. Congrats Mercedes - sounds exciting!!! Speaking of comfy all-day walking shoes...have you tried the sneaker wedges (like the Isabel Marant's? They will give you the height of a heel, but comfort of a sneaker. There are tons of more affordable versions too :) Glad to see you're breaking into the industry - exciting!!!

    1. Thank you! I did find a wedge sneaker at Topshop! I've only worn them like twice, but I haven't broken them out for an all day affair yet! I definitely will have to soon.