Vegas in London

I don't know too many people in London, so I'm always looking for ways to meet new people. This means stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and doing things like going to parties alone. Last night I guzzled a few glasses of liquid courage so I could do just that. I have to say it wasn't all that bad. The lady who invited me was so sweet, and introduced me to a ton of people who were more than happy to chat and include me in their fun.

Stuff got real awk

The party took place at Kings Club in Chelsea. It was a really cute club, but definitely tucked away. The taxi driver rode right past it when we first arrived. Being on the list is definitely a waiting in the cold (it was 30 last night) and no drama with the bouncers. Still, one of the most amazing things I find in the nightlife here is the amount of American music they play. It's almost like partying back in the states. Because there was a Vegas theme, they had a a small burlesque show which was actually quite good.

I was really excited to attend this event because it gave me an excuse to wear this gold metallic mini dress that I've had for a few years and worn twice. I tried to convince myself that it was fine to go bare legged in 30 degree weather, but decided against it. (I also consulted a few friends who quickly put me in check) I paired my mini with black opaque tights for warmth and went on my way.

I tried to hit some new poses, but I'm no model, so most of these came out ridiculous or at best...awkward. Whatevs.

Added lots of bling to be more "vegas"

Bling by Nadri, Hue tights, Steve Madden pumps, dress is from Bill Hallman

Banana Republic blazer

Wouldn't be a photoshoot without a hood rat shot.

Purse is from Aldo

How different do I look with long hair?


  1. You should join this network. Great place to meet new people who are new to town