Scarf Appeal

The weather in London has been pretty mild since I touched down. It's never too cold or too hot, but it is notoriously unpredictable. One minute it's 70 and sunny, the next its 45 and gray. I pretty much NEVER leave my flat without a small umbrella, scarf, and light jacket. (or without asking Siri for the forecast!)

Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe. Aside from keeping me warm, I like to use them as a pop of color to my normally monochromatic fits. We've had several warm days over the past week or so, and I've been taking that opportunity to wear some of the silk scarves I have in my wardrobe. I started purchasing silk scarves after spending some time in Paris a few years back where everyone was wearing one. Here in London, silk scarves are everywhere, but I see them mostly worn with blazers or leather jackets. I love seeing the contrast of the leather with the delicate silk, so I've been utilizing my silk scarves more and more here. 

I came across this lovely little video of 25 ways to wear a scarf. Because I'm relying so heavily on scarves as a part of my outfits here in London, I've been looking for more creative ways to wear them. My favorite so far is the bunny ears. I'll definitely be trying some new ways in coming weeks.

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