Sunday Dinner: Butternut Squash

Cajun seasoned salmon, sautéed spinach, butternut squash, & brown rice
One of the many luxuries of being free of a 9 to 5 is being able to cook healthy meals every night. (actually when I feel like it is much more accurate) Stopping by Sainsbury's for fresh ingredients is now as much a part of my routine as hitting the gym in the morning.

Sunday, I had my cousin over for dinner. I cooked butternut squash for the first time to go along with our salmon, sautéed spinach and brown rice. I love butternut squash because it has the consistency of a sweet potato, but it's still a vegetable...or a fruit. (I tried google to confirm either way and came out even more confused.) I'm always looking for ways to incorporate more and more veggies into my diet, and butternut squash is a great way to do it without being overpowered by the greens on your plate. 

The squash was really easy to prepare. It needs very little seasoning because it's pretty sweet on its own. Below is the recipe for the butternut squash I prepared on Sunday. I should also mention that it was a huge hit!

Butternut Squash Recipe:

2 packs of butternut squash peeled and cut into chunks
1/2 cup of olive oil

I put the squash into a ziploc bag and poured the olive oil inside. I sprinkled the squash with cinnamon, closed the bag, and shook it all up so the cinnamon coated every piece. I placed the squash on a non stick pan and baked it for 25 minutes (until the squash is soft) at 350 degrees. Once soft, I took out the squash and drizzled it with honey.

Great side to complement savory dishes!

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