Rock the Look: Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day Looks

We're nearly a full month into the new year meaning Valentine's day is just around the corner! While some folks love to hate Valentine's day, I enjoy every moment of it. What's not to love about chocolates, flowers and sappy love cards? More importantly, what's not to love about a guaranteed date night and an excuse to buy something completely fabulous?

I'm dying to know what my hunny's Valentine's day plans are for us, but he's keeping it top secret this year. I'm assuming that's a good thing. (fingers crossed) I've been on the hunt for something really fab and sexy to wear for our date night, but what's a girl to do when she doesn't know the attire? I prefer to be overdressed to underdressed, so I will more than likely be wearing a dress or skirt with some killer heels. We'll see how I feel in a couple weeks.

I put together a few inspirational options for Valentine's day looks to get into the spirit. I like to incorporate a little pink or red into my look just because. Nothing like getting a little festive! If you're vday style is more trendy and sexy, then a great mini dress with some killer heels and a bold, red lip definitely fit the vibe. I love funky details like gold chains and asymetrical sleeves to update a classic look. For the casual girl, skinny black jeans and a print top will feel chic and laid back. It's Valentine's day so rock some red pumps! A creamy pink lip is understated to go with this look. Valentine's day isn't all about glamming up for a date. Maybe you're just going to hang out with some girlfriends and grab a drink after work. A pencil skirt paired with a peplum top and heels will take you from the office to a Valentine's day bashing happy hour with the girls effortlessly. Whether you're going to grab a drink with friends, dance the night away with your guy, or just spend the night on the town looking for Mr. Right Now, make sure you do it in style. You don't have to have a Valentine to spend the day looking amazing and feeling festive! 

Stay fab! xx


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