Flowy Tops and Chunky Booties

Nothing like leggings and an oversized top to hide bloat on one of those days. I picked up this green flowy top from COS in the fall, and it's definitely my go to on those days I'm feeling less than stellar. I like the color and the ode to the military trend. I paired this top with my new favorite leggings. They're push up leggings from Calzedonia. Unlike the padded leggings, these push your cheeks up to make it look bigger as opposed to those unnatural looking booty pops. When I tried them on in store I liked the way my bum looked so much I purchased 3 pairs on the spot. I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a little boost in the back. You won't go from a pancake bum to a donk, but you'll have a little somethin' somethin' to work with.

Again with the pearls. It must be something in the air. I love this long strand since it can be worn multiple ways. For a casual day out and about, I just kept it long and tied it into a knot. I decided to give my tic tac toe rings a day out as well. I'm really trying to reach down deep into my jewelry box to start wearing some of the great stuff I already own. It's so easy to start grabbing for the same things over and over again. Obviously this goes for clothes too!

Overall, I like this look for a casual day out and about. The chunky booties made it easy to stomp around the city and I got to hide some bloat under an oversized top. Win, win, win.

Top: COS
Leggings: Calzedonia
Booties: Office
Bag: Oryany
Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo
Jewelry: JewelMint rings, Amrita Singh bangles, Nordstrom pearls   


  1. Lovely look. Love your shirt.

    1. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow the blog for updates!