Head Wraps + Saying Bye Bye to Hair Extensions (for now)

Whistles jumper
H&M leggings
Jeffrey Campbell booties
Nude lips: Bobbi Brown 'Burnt Sugar' Lipstick and Petal Pink Gloss
I've been wearing hair extensions for the past few months as I let me relaxer grow out. I decided to give my hair a one week break from the braids, so Friday the hair extensions came out and I roller set my hair. I feel weird not having a head full of weave anymore, but it's a nice break. Because I'm now rocking two hair textures, I've been working head wraps like it's my job. I tied my favorite silk scarf into a bow to give this look a cutesy edge to it. I love this oversized jumper from Whistles which I paired with peep toe booties for a fun, casual look.

So funny story...the reason I have a stain on top of my right boob is because I tried to push open a door that should have been pulled. I was holding my purse, my latte and croissant when I violently rammed into the door which didn't give the way my latte did all over my stuff. Sometimes I really love myself. The best part was the faces of the two guys who were coming in as I was walking out. They were nice enough not to laugh in my face as they opened the door to let me out.

I'm still struggling with my hair care/maintenance here, but I'm trying someone new this week. I can't wait to see him work his magic! I desperately need a hair cut and a protein treatment. If anyone has advice on transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, please leave a comment!!!


  1. Hey Girl (super late, I know, smh)! You know I'm all about all things natural!!! :) I would say stick to hairstyles that work with both textures: Roller sets, braid outs, and (sometimes) twist outs work out well for most people. It kind of depends on your texture for some of them. My hair was so thick - handling two textures was like the worse thing ever.

    Good luck & I love your hair here with the head wrap. I always feel like they're so bold, and that I can't do rock them that well. :-/ You are WORKING IT! :)

    1. I am having such issues because my hair is so thick! I tried a roller set, but they don't last too long. I also don't know how to do my own hair. So many new challenges lol. I'm learning though!