Basics for Hoopla!

Joe's Jeans
Banana Republic Blazer
Topshop shoes
H&M tank top
Stella & Dot Pegasus necklace
I spent all day Sunday and Monday at a conference for Stella & Dot known as Hoopla. This was the first annual Hoopla for the UK since they just launched towards the end of last year. I was so excited to go because I wanted to see the Autumn collection which just launched today for the UK. It is EVERYTHING. I spotted a few statement pieces that I'm dying for. I can't wait to order a few.

Because I knew we would be seeing the new collection, I kept my outfit simple. I always wear a basic white or black tee to try on jewelry. I can play around with colors and prints once I decide I like the piece. Any excuse to wear black and white is always a good one for me anyway. I wanted to play with head wraps some more, so I tied my favorite silk scarf into a turban. I added a statement necklace and a pop of color with my hot pink shoes and orange bag for a chic take on an otherwise classic outfit.

I have no idea why these pictures came out grainy/blurry, but I didn't realize it until I uploaded them to my myself.

If you're in the UK, you can check out the Autumn collection here. (My US peeps can check it out here)

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