Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday was my 26th (gasp!) birthday!

Yes, this is the dress I wore to Watch the Throne!
Stella & Dot "Stevie" necklace
Topshop Heels

This time last year, you couldn't convince me that 25 wasn't the rapture. I had a severe quarter life crisis. What am I going to do with my life? I'm old now! I wasn't really OLD, but I was in that awkward transition stage. I'm talking about the stage where 22 year olds no longer really seem like your peers because they're basically still in college mode, but you still get no respect from older folks still writing you off as a dumb 20-something. Maybe it's just a terrible side effect of being a Type A overly ambitious over achiever, but I was really beginning to doubt I would become the amazing person I had in my head. What had I accomplished by 25? Hardly anything! Despite my delightfully pessimistic attitude, 25 turned out to be an incredible and life changing year.

8 of my 25th year highlights:

  1. Week long birthday vacation with my beau to Palm Springs. Instead of answering emails on my birthday, I shopped, laid out by the pool, drank too may mojitos, and went horseback riding in the mountains.
  2. Surprise birthday party by my parents. Everyone wore white. I wore 3 of my favorite things: hot pink, leopard print, and Diane von Furstenberg.
  3. Got engaged!
  4. Told my boss to SUCK IT I was resigning to move to London
  5. Told my Chicago slumlord to SUCK IT aka Broke my lease penalty free due to a fire in the building a week before I was set to move out
  7. Started building my Stella & Dot business
  8. Landed a job assisting a celebrity stylist
Despite stints in both sales and investment banking, I always wanted to break into fashion. I'm finally doing it. I think 26 is going to be a fabulous year, and I can't wait to see what it has in store! 

I spent my birthday with my hunny (obvi). We had brunch at Ottolenghi then spent a few hours walking through Borough Market and then around the South Bank. I had a really fabulous time just spending "us" time together. Saturday night we had dinner at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse. I don't eat a ton of beef, but I will always cave for a nice piece of filet mignon. We ended the night dancing at Apartment 58 before taking it home. After splitting a bottle of wine then throwing back a few shots of tequila at Apartment 58 it was definitely time to get to bed! 

Here are some pictures from my birthday!

Stella & Dot Arm Party!

Love birds

Hanging in the park

MAC "Quick Sizzle" matte lipstick

I got my blazer!

H&M Tee
Open shawl purchased in Paris a few years ago
American Apparel Leggings
Diane von Furstenberg sandals
Stella & Dot "Bianca" Tassel Necklace

This is what happens when you go from drinking wine to tequila and then decide to take outfit pictures on your iPhone because your camera died...you're welcome.


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