Neon in the Tate

After spending half the day laying around, my hunny and I decided to go to the Tate Modern museum for a few hours. Unfortunately our unseasonably warm days came to an abrupt halt, so I was back to layering. I broke out my neon Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body bag to invoke a spring feel to an otherwise gray day.

We only did a couple floors at the Tate, but it was definitely worth seeing. I look forward to going back to see some more exhibits. Some of the art was definitely way over my head, but other pieces were incredibly insightful. The museum stays open until 10pm on Saturdays, so our late start didn't stop us from leisurely walking around. Entry is free (!!!!) but some of the exhibits do charge a small fee. 

No idea what those huge red polka dot balls were supposed to represent, but they were fun to play with!

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