Madrid: Tapas and a Dinner Date

If I felt guilty about the hot chocolate and churros I threw down on Monday, I certainly worked it off on Tuesday. I walked around literally all day long. I used to think my favorite leopard print Manolo flats were longer. I walked to the Calle Via which was filled with shops and restaurants.

I decided to try some tapas for lunch since I was in Spain after all. I ventured into a tapas restaurant and ordered 3 single plates for myself assuming this would be more than enough. My first plate was grilled shrimp which I did not realize would be looking at me when it arrived. I'm used to my shrimp being beheaded and deveined, but I guess that's not the Spanish way. Despite my initial shock, I took apart the shrimp and took a few bites. I was pleasantly surprised by the light but flavorful shrimp.
I feel like they were asking me not to eat them.

My second plate was fried baby squid. Thankfully, it didn't come walking out on its own. It was a little too greasy for taste, however, so I ended up peeling a lot of the breading off.

My last plate was veal and brie on a slice of roasted bread that was too die for. The meat was really tender and full of flavor and the brie complemented it perfectly.

After browsing a few more shops, I headed back to the hotel to rest and watch more news. My hunny got done a little early so we went to a cute little restaurant recommended by the concierge. I wore black skinny jeans and a black kimono top (yeah I know again...) with some statement jewelry. The restaurant was a French-Spanish fusion and the food did not disappoint. Lucky for me, my hunny is fluent in Spanish and translated the menu and ordered my food for me.
Me and my hunny.

 Overall, Madrid was beautiful, but I was more than ready to get back to London and get settled into my new home!

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