Fancy a Nibble?

H&M top , Joe's Jeans, Manolo Blahnik leopard flats, Stella and Dot Necklace, LV Speedy
How lovely that the sun decided to come out for a visit my first real weekend in London. The weather was gorgeous, so me and my hunny decided to walk around our neighborhood and check out some gyms. I was just happy to throw on my Chanel sunnies for a few hours. I kept it casual and wore skinny jeans with flats and a purple top. I threw on my go to necklace of the moment and headed out to explore.

Stella and Dot Sierra Necklace

We stopped into a pub for a late lunch early dinner where I had fish and chips for the first time. I'm not a huge fan of fried fish, but it was surprisingly light. The tartar sauce was a little sweet which was unexpected, but it was pretty good. Fish and chips is typically served mushy peas, but there was no way in hell I was eating peas let alone mushy ones..yuck! I had a Strongbow to complete my British food experience. I'm not a huge beer drinker, but because Strongbow tastes like apple cider, I drink it like there's no alcohol in it. Oh well.

Strongbow. My apple juice.

Chicken Paté

Fish and Chips

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