Style Resolutions: What are yours?

It's mid January, and I'm just finishing up my new year's resolutions. I'm late, but I spent all last week trying to overcome jet lag and the end of last year planning a wedding. I'll cut myself a break even if no one else does. 

I set some pretty basic fashion and beauty resolutions this year. I do a pretty decent job of sticking to my goals once I've written them down, so let's see how this goes...

1. Take more fashion risks: experiment with color and prints and play with some different silhouettes.
2. Wash my makeup off every night...even when I'm drunk and exhausted (I realize that at 26 I should already do this, but I'm not perfect!)
3. Organize (and keep it organized!) beauty products so I can use everything instead of what's on top.
4. Quality over quantity - shop less and splurge on more wish list items. Miu Miu glitter flats? Yes please!
5. Experiment with lip colors. I love red, but this year I'm going to play some more with pinks and nudes. I'm already loving MAC snob. 
6. Use eBay for some funky fashion finds! I'm always talking to friends who swear by eBay, but I don't have the patience to use it. We're going to find some fun things this year! I can feel it! 
7. Learn to apply individual lashes. This should be interesting...

These are just a few of the resolutions I have in mind, but who knows how these will evolve as the year goes on. 

Have some style resolutions you want to share? Leave a comment!

Stay fab! xx


  1. Great list!! I blogged about my style resolutions we have some of the same ones

    1. Thanks for checking me out! I loved your list as well. I look forward to seeing more great posts! Love your style! xx