Yet Another Summertime Dress

Found this dress at some boutique in Atlanta
Stella & Dot femme fatale necklace
Topshop ballet flats
For the last really nice day in London, I pulled out a color block dress for a day out. I spent some time at Liberty where I got my makeup done at the Nars counter. I don't really care for "makeovers" as much now that I like wearing my makeup a certain way, but it's cool to see what a different pair of eyes would choose for you. I told Francisco that I wanted to do something a little different from my usual go to toned down eyes/bright lips look. He went for a smoky eye using deep blues and blacks. I don't ever wear blue eye shadow, but he did a really great job. My only issues were the way he did my foundatino and eyebrows. I get really anal about the coverage with my foundation. I have really good skin (yay!) but that also means that makeup artists put little or no foundation on me when I go to these things. I like my skin, but I like it to look 100% flawless. My tone is a little uneven, so I like to correct that. I also have terribly thin and shapeless eyebrows. I basically fill in and draw in the nonexistent parts to look like a normal person. This man just filled in what I had. Ugh.

In spite of my own little neuroses, I did purchase a few of the products to duplicate the look. We'll see how it looks when I try it on my own. It was a little early for such a dramatic smoky eye, but sunglasses quickly resolved that problem. I'm curious what a day time smokey eye might look like. Kris Jenner pulls it off quite well.

The weather has cooled again here, so I'll be back in layers next week. I can't wait for fall though! Gotta love boots season!

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