Peplum Love

Miss Selfridges peplum top
American Apparel leggings
Dolce Vita sandals
Like pretty much everyone, I am loving the peplum this season. It's such a flattering shape for much everyone, and the fit can chic up just about any outfit. I'm conscious of how much I wear peplum tops and dresses because there's this woman who's been on several shoots I've worked on who wears them so much so that we refer to her as the peplum lady. I don't want to be "that girl". Anyway, I love this pastel number because it's a nice, casual take on the trend. I paired it with leggings to meet a friend for coffee. I wore some big earrings for a refreshing change since I usually go for necklaces these days.

I met a friend for coffee at Heathrow since his layover was too short to come into the city. It's crazy that I've been meeting up with more people now that I live across the pond. No one came to see me in Chicago...just saying.

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