Gray Days in Camden Market

Easter weekend was gray and chilly in London, but my hunny and I are learning to go out in the rain. You kind of have to here!

Saturday we headed out to Camden Market. As soon as we got off the train I had a hipster vibe. As we got closer to the market, we stopped to watch a hip hop cypher...funniest thing ever. The British accent is way too delicate and light for hip hop in my opinion. Between the bass in the beat, the low quality sound setup and his beautiful accent, I could barely pay attention to his words. He sounded more like he should be reciting Shakespeare then rap lyrics. Perhaps once I'm here a bit longer it won't sound as bizarre.
Camden Market was definitely an adventure and I look forward to going back. The streets are lined with eccentric vendors and tattoo shops and the people are just as eccentric. It reminded me so much of Wicker Park in Chicago. We stopped into "The Diner" to grab a bite then explored all the market had to offer.

It was quite chilly on Saturday, so I stuck to jeans, flats and a sweater for comfort and warmth. I wore one of my favorite cardigans, but I decided to belt it to define my waist. The Halogen cardigan I wore is actually open faced, but I closed it to create a little kimono effect. I'll have to post a picture of how I normally wear it soon.

 I thought it turned out pretty cute. It looks like a totally different sweater!

Halogen cardigan, Joe's Jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo flats

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