Easter Monday

Yesterday was a bank holiday, Easter Monday. I had never heard of Easter Monday prior to moving to the UK, but my hunny didn't have to work, so that was fine with me! We spent most of the day with some of his family and friends which I'm never opposed to since it usually means Ghanaian food. Unfortunately my peanut allergy prohibited me from grubbing down this time around, but I'm sure it's probably for the best since I've been trying drop a few lbs (or kilos!) for the summer.

Monday was gray and rainy again (this is the London everyone talks about I suppose). I don't care for wearing boots in April, but since winter in DC was relatively mild I can't really complain. I didn't get too much wear out of my boots this season anyway.

These were all taken at the end of the day which is why I look tired as hell. I had a wonderful time on Monday, but I will say that being around small children is the best form of birth control!

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