Cheese Wine and a Color Block

Gap Sweater
Oasis Jeans
Jeffrey Campbell Platform T Straps

No one who knows me well would ever believe I wore this much color in one outfit. I could hardly believe it myself. I decided to pair my new colored denim with an old pink sweater I don't get enough use out of. I liked the colors a lot. Maybe I'll start wearing more. (ha! yeah right.)

I spent the afternoon in South Bank Centre with my cousin at the Cheese and Wine Festival. We walked around the various vendors and enjoyed a demonstration on fondue preparation. Aside from the instructor licking her fingers at least 3 times (are you kidding me? so disgusting!), the demonstration was really awesome. She showed us how to make fondue in addition to some creative pairing foods. We also caught a lecture on champagne and cheese pairings.

My favorite vendors included a cheese vendor which had these cheese bombs that were OUTSTANDING. The cheese is aged in a wax ball for like 2 years. It's so powerful and full of flavor. I also fell in love at a stand that sold infused oils and vinegars. I bought a truffle infused extra virgin olive oil that was absolutely DIVINE. I can't wait to use it on one of my salads with some cracked pepper.

Melting the cheese!
Scraping the cheese off the top!
Final Product. So yummy!
Fondue Demonstration. There she goes with her finger in her mouth again. yikes!
My cousin and I filled up on free samples of food and booze most of the afternoon, but we did buy a couple things too! We had a Raclette which I had never heard of or would have thought to try. The guy puts this massive block of cheese under this little machine thing (this is such a wonderful description...) and it melts the top layer. It starts bubbling and then they scrape it off onto a plate of potatoes, pickles and salami (you can get it without salami but who would do that?). It sounds like an absolutely ridiculous and probably vile combination, but it's actually quite nice. Very pleasant surprise!

The highlight of my day was meeting a few of my cousin's friends who all keep telling me that I'm in Europe now. It's two kisses darling! (I'll learn some day)

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